My Musical Journey ends with a hug from Larry – U2 360 Pittsburgh 7.26.11

before Larry hugs me Pittsburgh 360 2011

My final U2 360 show ended on amazing high note, more than I could have hoped for, more than I imagined – Larry hugged me on his way to the stage! So the first few songs on my last U2 360 show were pretty much a blur. It was a standard set list but then U2 ended the show with Bad, one of my favorite U2 songs – haven’t heard it since Chicago1 in 2009. So glad Bad is the last song I heard U2 perform. When Larry walked off the stage and toward the tunnel, he saw me, smiled and gave me a thumbs up – twice. It looked as if Larry was walking toward me, but then he was ushered toward the tunnel. So glad Larry smiling at me is the last image I have of the U2 360 tour. Please watch my video of U2 360 in Pittsburgh

the Claw at Heinz field

I began today as I have for the previous 15 U2 360 shows – walked dogs, ate breakfast, watched tv, napped, ordered lunch and went to the stadium in the afternoon to wait for U2 to arrive. I met Abby and Anisha in the lobby of my hotel, and we took the shuttle over to the stadium at 2pm. It was a beautiful day – 80s, sunny, breezy, and not humid. I saw many friends old and new. But the surprise were Matt, Melissa, her parents and Kim. I had no idea they were coming and were very happy to see them – and it turned out to be very fortunate for me.

U2 360 Pittsburgh 7.26.11

U2 arrived just around 5pm. Bono and Edge came out to greet the fans. I couldn’t get close enough to talk with them, but I did see Larry and Adam get out of their cars and walk inside. Matt and Melissa talked with Bono and selflessly told him about me and how I’ve driven to every US show and would like to meet Larry. Brian, Bono’s security guy, told them to wait there and he would see what he could do. Brian came out later and told me Larry was in a meeting, but he told Larry about me and Bono told Larry about me. Maybe Bono and Larry knew he was talking about me, since I talked with Bono in Seattle and Oakland about meeting Larry and Larry sometimes waves to me as he walks to the stage – and Brian said he’s seen me at the shows. Brian took my phone number and said he would look for us inside. Please watch this video of Bono greeting the fans and talking with Matt and Melissa (I did not shoot this video)

Bono greets the fans in Pittsburgh

We went inside, and Abby and I waited on Edge’s side of the inner circle with Deb and her husband to wait for U2 to enter. Brian came over and told me that he was still working on getting me to meet Larry. Interpol didn’t take the stage until about 7:45 and played their usual set. I’m not sure when U2 came out, probably just about 9pm. When they walked out of the tunnel (on Adam’s side) I noticed that Larry wasn’t first as usual. Adam and Edge were first and Larry and Bono were behind them, so I kind of thought something was up. But then somehow Larry moved up front. As Larry walked up the ramp, he locked eyes with me and was smiling. He walked across the platform and then down to me and hugged me. He didn’t say a word, he just put his arms around me. I think I muttered a ‘thank you.’ Larry gave me the biggest, best hug ever and then went on stage. I burst into tears, as I am doing now while writing this. Everyone around me congratulated me and hugged me, which made the moment even more special. I was so excited that I don’t really remember Even Better Than the Real Thing or The Fly. I don’t think I came to until Mysterious Ways when Larry’s drum kit turned around and faced me behind the stage. I never thought Larry would walk over to me and hug me on his way to the stage before the show. If anything, I thought he may shake my hand after the show walking off the stage on the way to the tunnel. Please watch Deb’s video of Larry walking over to me  Please watch this video of Larry hugging me – it’s not close up, but you can see it at the end in the far right side behind the squiggly lines (I did not shoot this video)

Look at Larry’s eyes looking over to me

he’s getting closer (photo by Tony Chiappetta at

Everyone hugging me right after Larry hugged me. (photo by Tony Chiappetta at

Two other great moments of this last show in the US on the 360 tour was when Matt and Melissa were dancing on stage during With or Without You and when U2 closed the show with Bad. I was already way behind the stage at the tunnel on Adam’s side waiting for U2 to leave when Bono announced that this is Matt and Melissa’s 60th shows over 3 tours and they were on stage dancing to With or Without You – beautiful! U2 played Moment of Surrender, took their bows and then played Bad with a little snippet of 40 at the end – fantastic! Please watch the video of Matt and Melissa on stage dancing to With or Without You (I didn’t shoot this video)

My final show of the U2 360 tour in Pittsburgh was my 16th show of this leg of the 360 tour, 24th show of the 360 tour, and my 75th U2 show ever. I will never forget Larry walking toward me smiling and then giving me that great, big hug – what an amazing moment!!! Thank you Matt, Melissa, Brian, Bono and of course LARRY! I will never forget this night!


Please watch my video of Larry and Bono singing LET ME IN THE SOUND Please watch my video of Bono chatting and band introductions Please watch my video of Larry starting I’ll Go Crazy Please watch my video of the intro to Streets Please watch my video of U2 leaving Heinz Field

the last Claw in the US

my last look of the U2 360 tour

17 Comments on My Musical Journey ends with a hug from Larry – U2 360 Pittsburgh 7.26.11

  1. Oh my god, what an incredible ending to your epic journey!! So very happy for you. Sounds like a perfect night in every way. Thank you so much for sharing it with us 🙂

  2. So happy your final tour date ended on such a high note!

  3. Christine Bode // July 27, 2011 at 7:24 am // Reply

    What an amazing note to end the tour on!! I couldn’t be happier for you Deena and I’m so glad that Larry came through for you! I have had a wonderful time experiencing your journey with you through your blogs and videos. Great job all around, girl!!

  4. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Deena, I am so happy for you! All I can say is ‘YES’ ! ! ! That is the perfect ending to this tour. Now on to waiting for the next tour? 😉

  6. How perfect? I hope someone got the hug on video for you. We have enjoyed following your journey. Thanks for sharing your dream and passion. We look forward to seeing the entire documentary completed! You may want to build a claw in your back yard now. It could be a bird feeder or swing set, or whatever!

    Be well!

    Stu Stuart
    Mackinac Island, Michigan

  7. Marie Smith // July 27, 2011 at 11:55 am // Reply

    Deena, it just proves that there is ALWAYS HOPE. Nothing is impossible. Whenever you run into a rough patch, if things don’t seem to be working in your favor, think about that. That was the one lesson I came away with from this tour, after meeting Bono in Denver…and him talking to me…for the first time. I never…NEVER…thought I’d see that day. We each had our dreams come true on this tour (and I’ve still got one more show left, but I don’t expect it to top last night). And I am STILL crying over “Bad” and “40”!!!! God bless you, and maybe we will cross paths again on another tour.

  8. So happy for you – I met you in NY waiting for the band to arrive. This band is just incredible – just love them. When you get it, you get it – and I surely get it (and I’m very lucky my husband gets it, too!). Congrats – what an amazing story. REALLY hope you find video and some still pics – I think you will. Mari

  9. I am so happy for you Deena… deserved that hug! You are a true fan and I loved following you on this adventure….your writing was wonderful! I only got to one show, and didn’t do GA, but meeting Bono made up for that! Reading your blog got me so excited for you before each show and I kept hoping THAT would be the time you met Larry… perfect that it happened when it did….The perfect ending to a great story! I hope to see more blogging from you….keep writing! Glad we both saw that Dreams Really Do Come True!!!!! Take care!

    Wilmington, DE

  10. You must still be on cloud nine!
    What an awesome journey you have had!
    So happy for you that your got your hug from Larry!
    Thank you for sharing all your experiences here on your blog!

    : )

  11. Congrats! Sounds like it was fun. I’ve been wanting to meet Bono and just missed him in Seattle. We were waiting at the NE entrance and he came through the SE side where you were. Security and some inside info told me NE. How did you know they were comming through the SE? Oh well maybe next tour.

  12. WOW Deena, amazing story, Im so happy for you and while Im sat here wiping the tears from my face Im smiling too, as is usual when U2 are involved lol. Hope you have many many more BeaU2tiful days :0) xxx

  13. O-My-God!!! I’m speechless, Deena.

    Epic journey, wonderful, tearful moments and the best was yet to come! :-)))

    The perfect inspiration to go for it, in whatever field. I’ll definitely give it a try on the next tour.

  14. Oh darling, congratulations! You deserve a moment like this!
    Larry is so cute! ❤

  15. Deena, I cried for you when reading your post!! I’m so happy that you were rewarded with a hug from Larry. I do hope someone has stills or video for you. Congrats!!

  16. Congratulations!! you deserve Larry’s hug !!! beautiful story!! I cried when I read it!!!

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