U2 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour 2015 – day 3 the general on sale

Today’s regular on sale for U2’s iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE wasn’t as bad as the presale was on Thursday – or I just had low expectations after Thursday’s debacle. I don’t want to complain though because I got almost everything I wanted and had a much easier time than the horror stories I’ve read online.

There were five shows that I was interested in attending that went on sale at 10am today: New York 2, 3, and 4 (I had already secured a GA for NYC1 in the presale) and Boston 1 and 2. Now knowing the ticketmaster app on my phone works better than the online tickmaster website on my laptop, I had my phone ready to go. And today I also added my kindle as an extra weapon. My order of priority was NYC2 (Sun) since I already had NYC1 (Sat), NYC4 (Thurs) because it was the last show, NYC3 (Wed), and then the two shows in Boston. I knew the Boston shows were a long shot since they would surely be sold out after I had tried for all of the New York shows, but I kept those windows open just in case.

My nerves kicked in as the clock counted down to 0:00. Knowing that the TM app worked best last time, I went for NYC2 (Sun) on my phone, for NYC4 (Thurs) on my laptop and NYC3 (Wed) on my kindle. Nothing got stuck or timed out like it did in the presale. It was just a long wait – 15 minutes or so it said. The first available ticket that popped up was NYC3 (Wed). I pulled a seat on my Kindle, but a great seat. Section 3 Row 1 behind the stage – or what I think is behind the stage. It’s at the end closest to the Red Zone. Section 3 is in front of section 103. I will be VERY close to Larry – assuming that is where his drums are set up. The cost of this seat was $100, which is reasonable because later on I saw seats in the 300 level for $300. I’d rather be close behind the stage then far away in front of the stage. Meanwhile my tm app on my phone was still searching for a NY2 (Sun) ticket – it was just spinning. And the tm site on my laptop still said wait time was 15 minutes for NYC4 (Thurs). Around 10:30 or so my friend pulled a seat for NYC2 (Sun) – a good seat in section 103 row 10 also $100., right behind where I got a seat for NYC3 (Wed). She didn’t want the seat because she wanted to still try for GA, so she generously bought the ticket for me and I paid her on paypal. Don’t worry, all NYC shows are paper ticket entry – no credit card entry. It was around 10:45 or so that I started to try for the Boston shows, but I got nothing.

At 11am, it was time to try for the Chicago shows. I love Chicago and really wanted to go to these shows and I knew a lot of other fans going and it would be fun to meet up. I tried for both shows on my laptop, phone tm app and my kindle. All of them kept saying no GA’s were available. I was getting a little nervous thinking I wouldn’t get anything and wouldn’t be able to go to the shows in Chicago. Around 11:15, I pulled a GA for Chicago2 (Thurs) on my Tickemaster App on my phone. Now I was relieved because I was going to Chicago and it was ok if I only got a seat for the first show. As long as I had one GA in each city, it would be worth the trip. I’m really not trying to sound spoiled here, but I’ve been GA and I’ve been in the seats and the difference is night and day. Even if you’re back at the soundboard and not right up on the stage, seeing a U2 show standing in general admission is better, not to mention cheaper, than seeing it from up in the seats. Immediately after I got a GA for Chicago2, I pulled a GA for Chicago1 – again on my Ticketmaster App on my phone. Getting tickets to the Chicago shows was a success – and much easier than the New York and Boston shows.

While waiting for the next on sale at 1pm (10am Vancouver time), I decided to check out the resales hoping to get a GA for NYC4 (Thurs). I really wanted to go to this show as it is the last show on this leg – unless of course they add more shows. When the shows were first announced last week, I said I wanted to go to the first and last show. I had tickets to three out of the four NYC shows, and I really wanted my last show to be GA. I went to StubHub and found a GA for NYC4 (Thurs) for $300. Yes I know this is more than triple face value, but it is less than RedZone or most of the seats and I didn’t want to be shut out of the last show. And I know it is only the first day of regular on sale and fans will probably be selling extras later, but I needed it settled right now, so I bought it. Yes I bought it. Please don’t think poorly of me because in essence I bought from a scalper. I’ll do a good deed to readjust my karma and make up for it.

At 1pm, my only mission was to secure a GA for Vancouver2 – I had already gotten a GA for the tour opener Vancouver1 in the presale. I was ok with getting a seat for this show since I already had a GA for opening night. Again, I had my laptop and my ticketmaster app on my phone working. I pulled a $300 seat about halfway back in the arena. I was ok with a seat, but not a $300 seat. If I’m going to pay $300 for a ticket, it’s going to be GA or RedZone. Where were the $100 seats behind the stage? I released that ticket and then got worried because both my laptop and phone kept saying there were no tickets. I kept retrying for GA and nothing. Then around 1:15 I put it for best available on my tm app on my phone and immediately got a GA for Vancouver2. I heard the bells and the angels sing, “HALLELUJAH!” Ok maybe not, but I was REALLY excited!

My 8 shows per U2 tour streak continues. So I went to 27 on Elevation and 24 on 360, but I went to 8 on ZooTv, 8 on Popmart and 8 on Vertigo. It’s a minimum of 8 shows per tour. And I know U2 are supposed to come back and play stadiums in 2016, but I always think of everything as this is the last time. Tomorrow isn’t promised, so you better do what you can today. Anyway, I am seeing U2 for two shows in Vancouver (including the Tour Opener!), two shows in Chicago and four shows in New York City – all GA except for my two great, close, relatively cheap seats behind the stage at NYC2 and NYC3. I am very ok with not going to the Boston shows. Although there is a lot of time and I have a lot of friends going to those shows, so something might open up. I am keeping my hotel in Boston just in case. I booked all of my hotels last Wednesday when the tour was announced. With my 8 shows, I have the West Coast, East Coast and MidWest covered. And I hope to have meetups in each city as well as start twitter lists and facebook events or groups for each show, so we can all keep in touch in the meantime. See you in Vancouver, Chicago and New York City!

9 Comments on U2 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour 2015 – day 3 the general on sale

  1. Today wasn’t flawless but better than presale. I was all set on my phone app then TM had to update and kicked my password out again and you have to reset on laptop. We don’t have WiFi so have to tether and neither would connect to internet. Called TM automated ordering but no ga for 2nd show only $30 or $250+ so opted for $30 then tried for 1st show and got ga. Finally got password sorted out and got 2 LA ga to go with other 2 LA ga. Ended up with 5 ga and 1 nosebleed. Really frustrating but satisfied in the end. Looking forward to meet up in Chicago.

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. Could you tell me how many pre-sale codes each subscriber gets? A few new shows have been planned in Amsterdam as well, and as I could not get tickets the first time I was wondering what my odds are (if subscribers only get one, then chances are that this sale will benefit mostly the general public). The queueing system was ridiculous in my opinion with waits of more than an hour, considering that all tickets were gone after 20 mins.

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