U2 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour 2015 – day 2 the presale

After the day of planning for the U2 tour yesterday, I thought buying the tickets today during the presale would be relatively easy. I thought I’d be done in five minutes. Instead, it took me just over an hour to acquire one little U2 concert ticket. I have never had a problem getting tickets, since I started getting tickets back in 1992. I mean maybe a little wait, but nothing like I had this morning.

I was very prepared this morning. Just after 9am I added a new/separate credit card that I have never used before to my ticketmaster account, so I could put it away until the tour. Since there is a new credit card entry policy instead of tickets, I didn’t want to risk losing my regular debit card I use for everything – or having to replace it for identity theft. I opened my ticketmaster page to the New York City show – decided the Saturday show would be harder to get in the presale then the last one and they may add more shows so it might not be the last one. I copied my presale code. I opened up the thread to my U2 friends so we could share ideas while trying to buy our tickets. Then I just sat there and watched the countdown clock. Getting more and more nervous the closer and closer it got to 10am.

The clocked turned to 0:00 and the page refreshed on its own. I put in my presale code, chose one ticket for the floor, entered the crazy security phrase thing and hit enter … nothing. I hit it again … nothing. I got out and went in again and did everything over … nothing. About 10:05, I pulled a GA but the time expired before it even went to the next page. Guess Ticketmaster was a bit overloaded this morning. I went through this process several more times, pulling about six GA tickets, but could never buy them because the page timed out or the site crashed all together. So I switched to the last night in NYC, but the same thing happened. By this time is was about 10:30 or a little after, so I tried for Boston – and the same thing happened. I went back to try for the New York shows and the same thing happened. At 11am, I decided to try for Chicago as it was 10am there, so the tickets were just going on sale and the same thing happened. I then tried my ticketmaster app on my phone – not sure why I didn’t try that sooner. I immediately pulled a GA ticket for the first New York show on Saturday July 18th. So at 11:11am after over an hour of stressful trying imagining I’d never go to a U2 concert again, I finally had a U2 concert ticket!

Two hours later, I had to do it all over again when it turned 10am in Vancouver. I’ve always wanted to go to Vancouver. Heard it was a beautiful city, and I love the Pacific Northwest like Portland and Seattle. And I REALLY want to go to the tour opener! As difficult as getting my NYC ticket was this morning, that’s how easy getting my tour opener Vancouver was this afternoon. I had the Vancouver ticketmaster page up, as well as my ticketmaster app open on my phone, and when the clocked counted down to 0:00 the page turned and I got right in. In three minutes, I had my second U2 concert ticket. Now I have in my possession two U2 concerts tickets to the iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour – the Tour Opener in Vancouver on May 14th and Opening Night in NYC on July 18th. SO excited!

Please check back Monday as I continue my U2 tour ticket buying saga at the regular on sale for the rest of New York, Boston, Chicago and the other Vancouver.

14 Comments on U2 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour 2015 – day 2 the presale

  1. I’ll be at both VAncouver shows…GA. We should try to get together for the show! Can you message me with the hotel you got? Maybe we meet up there! 🙂 Sooooo excited!

  2. That’s great, Deena! I am really hoping to get tickets for night 2 in NYC. I used my 2 presale tickets today so my daughter would have a definite ticket with me for night 1. Would love to see them opening night in Vancouver! I really debated using the presale today because the top of my Bucket List is U2 in Dublin. So I’m a bit anxious I won’t get tix when they are announced because I already used my presale code! A bird in the hand ruled the day! 🙂 If possible, I’d also go for GA in Boston, Chicago, and Montreal or Toronto too! I have 30 years to catch up on!

  3. Jeanne McElrea // December 5, 2014 at 11:10 am // Reply

    I’ve been buying tix since zoo TV and had baf experiences with TM crashing several times but have eventually managed to get the dates I wanted 30+ and counting. Yesterday I started at 9 am on app making sure it worked. Updated it and wouldn’t take my password so got thru to TM when they still answered phone but was on laptop by then going for ga in Chicago. All downhill from there but won’t tell whole story. Finally at 7 pm after zoo mod twitter reset my code I got ga for 2 nights in LA. On Monday need to more LA and 2 Chicago. Let the games begin.

  4. Wow! I would have been a basket case! Was actually glad that I was in the innocence group today. I spent all day yesterday reading all the feedback about all the trouble everyone was having yesterday. After some advice I used the app to get my GA tickets for Chicago this morning! It took about 30 seconds! Done! Now it’s time to plan

  5. I know I was beyond a basket case and my poor husband was trying to help. It was the first time I honestly thought I might not get tickets.

  6. What a hectic time! I had zero issues on day 2 of presale. Let’s plan on a huge U2 fans gathering in Vancouver! Hope to see you there!

  7. Hi Deena,

    I have my two codes in my back pocket for when my cities are scheduled. But I’m taking notes for when it’s my turn with TM.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting Kevin, but I don’t think they are adding any more cities this leg. They’ll probably add more shows to cities, but think you’ll have to wait until 2016 for when U2 comes back to play stadiums in different cities.

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