My Favorite U2 songs A to Z


I had a great time in April blogging each day about my 26 favorite U2 songs in the A to Z challenge. So much fun in fact that I wanted to list my favorite U2 songs (each highlighted with links back to the original posts) in this one blog post with the addition of honorable mentions, so I truly include all of my favorite U2 songs. So here we go, my 26 favorite U2 songs from A to Z!

A is for Acrobat with A Room at the Heartbreak and Angel of Harlem as honorable mentions.

B is for Bad with Breathe as honorable mention for close second – “I’ve found grace inside a sound.”

C is for Can’t Help Falling in Love .

D is for Deep in the Heart with Desire and Discotheque as honorable mentions.

E is for Electrical Storm with Elvis Ate America as honorable mention for obvious reasons.

F is for (the) Fly.

G is for Gone and Get on Your Boots.

H is for Heartland with Hallelujah Here She Comes as honorable mention.

I is for I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For with In a Little While and In God’s Country as honorable mentions.

J is for Jean Genie.

K is for Kite.

L is for Luminous Times with Love Rescue Me and Love and Peace or Else as honorable mentions.

M is for Mysterious Ways with Magnificent as honorable mention.

N is for New Year’s Day with No Line on the Horizon and New Day as honorable mentions.

O is for October with Original of the Species and One Tree Hill as honorable mentions.

P is for Pride with Please as honorable mention.

Q is for (dancing) Queen – there are no U2 songs that begin with Q.

R is for Red Hill Mining Town with Rejoice and Running to Stand Still as honorable mentions.

S is for Summer Rain with Spanish Eyes and So Cruel as honorable mentions.

T is for Trip Through Your Wires with Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World as honorable mention.

U is for (the) Unforgettable Fire with Ultraviolet as honorable mention.

V is for Van Diemen’s Land.

W is for Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses with Walk to the Water as honorable mention for close second.

X is for Xanax and Wine  – the only U2 song that begins with X.

Y is for Yahweh.

Z is for Zoo Station with Zooropa as honorable mention.

2 Comments on My Favorite U2 songs A to Z

  1. you did a great job, i am glad we met…

  2. Congratulation on finishing the challenge. During the challenge I didn’t visit as many blogs as I would like to but, cross my heart, I’m visiting every single one with the reflection post! I am so glad my journey brought me here.

    Evalina, This and that…

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