Larry Sings in Oakland! U2 360 6.7.11

Larry sings in Oakland!

The U2 360 show in Oakland had the same set list as the previous three shows in the US, but was a little different. First, the baseball infield was fenced off, so the GA area was smaller – as was the inner circle behind the stage. Second, there were two opening bands, so U2 didn’t come on until 9:30. Third, and most important to me, Larry sang!!!

I spent the first half of the day resting in my hotel room to conserve energy for the show. After four shows, I have it down to a routine now. I pretty much stay in bed reading and watching tv until about 1, I eat and shower, and then head over to the stadium around 2 or 3. I wait out for U2 to arrive, then get in the GA line and go into the show.

Even though my hotel is less than a mile from the stadium, I took the hotel shuttle over to the Coliseum just after 2:00. I walked around the stadium and arena and finally found my friends waiting for U2 to arrive. Bono arrived just after 5pm, stopped the car right in front of us and hopped out.

waiting for U2

As soon as Bono got out of the car, I pointed at him and then at my Larry Mullen Band shirt and said, “Now Bono…” He put his hands in the air and said, “I tried.” He walked over to us, and I said, “So he’s not coming (referring to Larry)?” Bono said, “I tried.” While he was signing autographs, I told him that it’s ok because I’ll be at other shows. Bono asked me, “What is your name Deah?” I said, “Deena.” He said, “Yes, I remember.” He went on to talk to others. Bono looked tired, his voice was scratchy, and he said he was sick. Before he got back into the car to go inside, Bono looked over to me and shouted, “I’ll try again.” I have 12 more shows to speak with Mr. Mullen and get my picture taken with him. Until then, the memory of Larry smiling and walking toward me to shake my hand at the end of the Seattle show will get me through.

Please watch my video of Bono greeting the fans

Bono greets the fans in Oakland

I went into the Coliseum in Oakland after 6pm and still got into the inner circle. It was a strange set up though. The baseball infield was fenced off, so the GA section was a lot smaller. And the back of the inner circle behind the stage was a bit narrower as well. Also, there was a wall of sky boxes behind the stage, which made for an echoing drum sound. Because the GA was smaller, the inner circle was more crowded, so I basically watched the show from behind the stage, which is fine with me because I can watch Larry.

There were two opening bands for U2 in Oakland. Local band Moonalice played from 7:00 to 7:30. I was not impressed. The sound was bad and just not my cup of tea. Lenny Kravitz played from about 7:50 to 8:30. It was the same set list as Seattle. Lenny puts on a really great show. I think it’s going to be even better at the shows in Anaheim next week.

I waited for U2 to enter the Coliseum. They were going to enter from directly behind the stage rather than come around from the side, so I could get great video and pictures of their entrance. Well, I finally got good video that wasn’t shaky and was not of their feet walking in, but the picture I got was blurry – but it would have been great if it was in focus. As they walked to the stage, Larry looked at me and smiled and waved – and I captured it on video!

Please watch my video of U2 entering the Coliseum in Oakland

The set list in Oakland was the same as the previous three shows in the US with one notable exception (and for me the highlight of the show) – Larry sang a part of Lou Reed’s Perfect Day. There were no band introductions at the Oakland show. Instead, Bono talked about the summit with Greenday and Metallica the previous night and the possibility of doing a music festival with them. Edge spoke a bit about it and then Bono asked Larry to speak. Larry said, “What goes on at that summit, stays at that summit.” And then Larry sang a bit of Lou Reed’s Perfect Day, since Lou Reed was at the show. I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited! I haven’t seen Larry sing in concert since ZooTv!

Please watch my video of Larry singing

Larry sings!

Larry during I’ll Go Crazy

Please click here for all the pictures I took at U2 360 in Oakland

Please watch my video of my favorite part of Get On Your Boots – ‘LET ME IN THE SOUND’

Please watch my video of Larry during I’ll Go Crazy

Please watch my video of U2 leaving the Coliseum in Oakland

Now I have 10 days until the next U2 show – 2 back to back shows in Anaheim. I will then continue my quest to meet Larry, since it seems that is what my U2 360 tour has become. Until the shows in Anaheim, I will spend the day in San Francisco tomorrow, then spend the weekend in Palm Springs and make my quest to The Joshua Tree and then spend 4 days sight seeing in LA/Hollywood/Beverly Hills.

5 Comments on Larry Sings in Oakland! U2 360 6.7.11

  1. WOW!! That is so amazing that you got to meet Bono in Oakland! Next time they come here I will so be there!! I hope you get to meet Larry..crossing my fingers for you!! 🙂

  2. That was great girl!! cant wait to read when u tell us u meet Larry!! i KNow u will!! say hello to him from me hihi!!! Best of luck my friend, I know you’ll meet him!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  3. Hi Deena, I recently followed you on twitter so I am doing what you asked. That’s checking your blog. VERY impressed with the amount of detail you have included. Finding the blog interesting as like you I love the band. From ireland myself and I take every chance I get to see u2. Not quite as much as you I might add but I did happen to make the oakland show in 2011. I was on my honeymoon at the time and we managed to fit in a show. We both loved the show. Had a great time. Anyway we might chat again sometime.

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