U2360USA Day 3 – Omaha to Keystone

Day 3 of my U2 360 Tour across America was all about driving, so no pizza or food report today. We left Omaha, Nebraska this morning at 8am central standard time and after 3 stops and 548 miles arrived in Keystone, South Dakota at 5:30pm mountain standard time. We stopped at a Subway and gas station somewhere in Iowa, had lunch at a Cracker Barrel in Sioux Falls and stopped at a Sinclair gas station a few hours east of Keystone.

our 3rd stop

We arrived at our hotel in Keystone, South Dakota and can see Mount Rushmore from my mom and aunt’s balcony – the dogs and I are in a different room on the first floor with a view of rocks. I am so excited to finally see Mount Rushmore. It was the first place I planned to see when I was originally planning this U2 360 road trip across America last year.

Mount Rushmore from our hotel

We had a quick dinner at the Railroad Family Restaurant in Keystone and retired to our respective rooms. We are all so exhausted from over 10 hours in the car. Elvis and Cilla are especially happy to be out of the car. We have 2 full days in Keystone before heading to Denver for the first Us show on U2360. Tomorrow we are going to visit Mount Rushmore.

Keystone, SD


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