I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

What is the one U2 song you love above all the rest, that touches your soul like no other?

Last night Paolo Vetri posted a video of a compilation of live versions of my favorite song “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” through the years 1987-2009. Watching it reminded me just how much I truly love this song. It’s more than just my favorite song. It gives me a feeling of sheer joy and comfort and touches my soul like no other song. I love a lot of U2 songs, most U2 songs, but “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” is on a completely different level. It was my first favorite U2 song and what solidified me as a U2 fan, along with Larry Mullen Jr. “With or Without You” introduced me to U2, but “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” made me a U2 fan. “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” has literally been my theme song. It says that life is about the journey, not the destination. And 27 years later, I still have not found what I am looking for. But I am loving the journey, the quest for what truly makes me happy.

Inspired, I posed the following question on Twitter last night and it ignited quite the discussion:
@OnTheRoadWithU2: What is the 1 #U2 song you love above ALL the rest?
The one that brings you joy and comfort: a feeling of euphoria like ISHFWILF does for me

@jtdockter: @OnTheRoadWithU2 ISHFWILF is first U2 song I ever heard. Spoke to me in ways no other song by any artist had ever done. My life song 🙂

@johnnyo217: @OnTheRoadWithU2 Streets for me It’s my favorite song overall. It wasn’t one if the first U2 songs that got me into them, but it blew me awaylikeno other. It’s probably not my favorite song lyrically, but the music is great. Nothing beats it live

@u2girl1966: @OnTheRoadWithU2 New Year’s Day is mine

@BrbSuperestar: @OnTheRoadWithU2 With or without you. The very first U2 song I’ve ever heard ❤️

@GabiGuims: @OnTheRoadWithU2 ‘Stuck in a Moment’ does it for me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Cried like a baby when they played it here in Brazil!

@julesport: @OnTheRoadWithU2 Drowning Man ❤️ reminds me of loss and eternal love for my little angels .Speaks to my heart. Makes me sad and happy if that makes sense

@peacewillfollow: @OnTheRoadWithU2 Streets. No contest. It lifts me up when I need it, it raises me even higher when I’m happy. It’s PERFECT. If I could only hear one song for the rest of my life, it would be the Slane Castle version of Streets. 😊

@jacaranda33040: @OnTheRoadWithU2 So hard to pick just 1 but I’ll go WOWY,the song that started my U2 love/obsession.Still sounds fresh & beautiful 27yrs on. It sounded like nothing else at the time, heard it on the radio & was fascinated by it. Still blows me away,brilliant song The way it starts off so slowly then builds & swirls, it draws you in & doesn’t let go.And Bono’s voice!!!

@TheeEdge: Streets for me. #surreal Live & in person is the ultimate experience! , good question! I really don’t know. I guess it’s like a religious experience, even though I have no ‘religion’ 😉 In this case, the song just brings out an overwhelming positive vibe..takes you to another place.

@JMWVOL: @OnTheRoadWithU2 definitely End of the World for me! Edge guitar solo gets me every time. I’m a believer so yes I really love the lyrics

@ollymartinltd: @OnTheRoadWithU2 been thinking about this. There is no way I could answer this, too many choices, too many mood/situation options 2 decide Streets have me soaring, Unforgettable Fire has me spinning, Iris has me on my knees, Mofo as previous 2, Kite crying Help!

@m_compagnoni: @OnTheRoadWithU2 The unforgetable fire. Love it. Listen to it in sad and on happy moments

@SandroIaboni: @OnTheRoadWithU2 Wow, great question.For me it’s Even Better Than the Real Thing. Love the song & the video is awesome! It’s the song that started my love for @U2.I was in my early teens & just getting into them.That song always takes me back.

@kaisasoares: @OnTheRoadWithU2 For me it’s ISHFWILF too. There’s something really special about this song that I can’t explain

@SonerMulder: @OnTheRoadWithU2 One, is just perfect. Dat voice!

@jeffvallance: @OnTheRoadWithU2 Streets. By far. Greatest intro/lead-in.

@NotDrunk1124: @OnTheRoadWithU2 This is so tough. I think it would have to be “Kite“. the lyrics. They’ve always grabbed me.

@MASHTRON: @OnTheRoadWithU2 A day without me. Nothing touches it. X How raw it was. Like a controlled anger. 12 years old in 1981 and it captivated me. I threw a brick, similar.

@SideStepSidWalk: @OnTheRoadWithU2 In a Little while always_ALWAYS brings me Peace. ~_~ I think it’s the humming refrain. Used to hum it to my babies…shoot still do!

@MGutierrezNFL: @OnTheRoadWithU2 All I Want Is You is my all time favorite! I really don’t know, I just love it. I can hear it thousand times and even more if it’s live version.

@SideStepSidWalk: @OnTheRoadWithU2 In line with this discussion…Please floors me every time. The video is really something. The vid ends with a moving soliloquy-like moment (strikes me as if he is pleading for peace).

@ErinOmaha: @ontheroadwithu2 I second The Unforgettable Fire. Live from Paris & 360, studio too—it just takes me to another place. P.S. But Live from Paris above all. 🙂 Edge’s guitar… Bono’s passion… I can’t take it! Perfect everything. Yes! Sorry. That’s right. Haunting sound… and I love it. Though, I cherish any version of this played live!

@CathalWheston: @OnTheRoadWithU2 Just read the original question so sorry but need 2, Bad or Streets and that changes position daily. Bad is Live Aid & the addiction/obsession begins then there’s the 1st song I heard live. Good question and hard to explain but now & since the first time that I heard both I still get goosebumps.

@marquee_o: @OnTheRoadWithU2 Running To Stand Still

@InstantKarma510: @OnTheRoadWithU2 This is the hardest thing to mull over. I think its Beautiful Day for me! It definitely captures euphoria for me. Some songs make you want to dance…cry…shout. This just makes me want to BE.

@thedoorsdf71: @OnTheRoadWithU2 its streets. I could and would write a novel about it. It’s musically, lyrically, emotionally, it’s live. it symbolizes the time of my life when I grew up. In college, away from the parents. It was freedom. it, along with ISHFWILF transport me to that time. Greatest 1-2 punch of any album from anytime. always felt that way, but then slane, and then hearing it live in person changed me. Brought me to tears

@smili72: @OnTheRoadWithU2 One. It came at the right time for me. Couldn’t have gotten through that November without it. #1991

@LanceASchart: Hawkmoon 269 The build; the wanderlust; the crescendo. (Tom Petty on Hammond B3?)

It is quite amazing to me that so many of our favorite U2 songs are off The Joshua Tree – even after 27 years. I love that we all have very different reasons for why we love a song and why a song touches our soul. What is your favorite U2 song, the one you love more than all the rest, the one that touches your soul like no other?

4 Comments on I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

  1. I guess it would still be SBS the first u2 song I ever heard and fell for with no idea who they were. I still watch the Rattle and Hum DVD version. Such passion.

  2. lorilovesparis // December 14, 2014 at 3:55 pm // Reply

    Mine is definitely Original Of The Species. I know it’s not a popular choice, but that song speaks to me and makes me feel like I can do or be anything I want!

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