U2 new album Songs of Innocence at Apple / iPhone6 event


Today at 1pm est Apple is having a special event to announce the new iPhone6 and U2 is supposed to having some sort of involvment. Not sure if U2 is actually performing at the event or will just be there or will show the video they filmed last week. Not sure if U2 will just announce their new album or tell how you can stream it from the new iPhone6. Whatever the case, U2 is sure to have some role in the new iPhone6 announcement today, and I will be watching every second of it.

Here are my frantic tweets leading up to U2’s performance, which closed the event by the way:

After watching the countdown on the Apple site, five minutes before we’re told we can only watch the event with safari browser. Luckily, Apple has a YouTube channel streaming the event, but it’s now almost 1:15 and it hasn’t started yet.

Started and now just specs about the new iPhone6, including a video game demo. Have to watch on YouTube, but not Apple’s channel here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rnt9_AGbR_0

Crazy that Apple can’t properly live stream their own event to release the new iPhone6.

The iPhone6 will be bigger and have longer battery life.

1:50 waiting for U2 … Just got email from u2.com and U2 will be on by 2:30pm est.

Now it’s the iphone watch, which is pretty cool, but I hope U2 gets a bigger applause than the iphonwatch.

It’s a good thing U2 didn’t come on any sooner because it took Apple over an hour to get the live stream working correctly.

But then it was all worth it when U2 took the stage just before 2:50pm. They played a new song called “The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)” off their new album called Songs of Innocence. After they announced that this album is not only finished, but is available right now on iTunes – for FREE! Then the commercial U2 made last week was played. I took video of everything, but the quality is not great from the stream on youtube I was watching. I am sure clearer versions will be up soon. But for now click here for U2’s performance of The Miracle, since YouTube took it down and …


U2’s new album is finally here!!! Look for my review of Songs of Innocence soon. In the meantime, please follow me Twitter @OnTheRoadWithU2


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