Yahweh on Vertigo Tour – my U2 Concerts A to Z

I have never been to a U2 concert in a Y city or Y venue, so I chose the only ‘Y‘ U2 relation that I could think of – “Yahweh.” While the song is not one of my favorites and it comes from one of my least favorite U2 albums How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, it does have a Larry Mullen connection. On the Vertigo tour, Larry came out from behind his drum kit, walked down the catwalk to the center of the elipse to play the keyboard on “Yahweh.”

This is part of my Blogging from A to Z Challenge about ‘My U2 Concerts A to Z.’ Thanks for stopping by. Please come back tomorrow as I write about my favorite ‘Z’ U2 show.

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