U2 360 tour across America Day 64 – Philly to St. Louis

Day 64 of my U2 360 tour across America brought me from Philadelphia to St. Louis, driving almost 900 miles in over 16 hours. It should have only taken about 14 hours, but two traffic jams in Indiana caused my delay. Today was much like my drive from Miami to Nashville, actually it was like deja vu. I think someone is trying to tell me to break these trips into two days instead of doing it all in one day. My drive from Anaheim to Baltimore was easier than my drive from Miami to Nashville and from Philadelphia to St. Louis.

I left Philadelphia just after 6am eastern standard time this morning. I drove the Pennsylvania Turnpike – again. I was on that dreaded $20-toll turnpike last week and two weeks before that, and I will be driving it again in a few days and again next week. Ugh! But I did come across a historical marker at the one of the first travel stops on the PA Turnpike, so at least that’s something 🙂

PA Turnpike

We stopped four times for gas, food, etc in addition to the two times we were stopped in traffic. Both traffic jams were on Route 70 West in Indiana about two hours apart, which was very frustrating. It was truly Carmageddon today everywhere – the 405 in Southern California was closed, 240 in Memphis was down to one lane, and Route 70 West in Indiana was shut down twice. But if I hadn’t been delayed, I wouldn’t have seen the beautiful sunset – there is always good that comes with the bad.

Illinois sunset

We finally arrived at our great Drury Plaza Hotel in St. Louis just past 9:30pm central standard time, over 16 hours later. As soon as I walked into the lobby, I realized this is the hotel I stayed at when I visited St. Louis 8 years ago when I went to the Orioles-Cardinals game. The staff here is fantastic! They answered my questions immediately and quickly brought me what I needed, as well as checked me in quickly knowing I had a long day.

view of the Arch from Drury Plaza

To reward myself for my rough day of driving, I ordered a pizza from Imo’s for a late dinner – ‘an original St. Louis style pizza.’ I didn’t even know there was a ‘st. louis style’ pizza. It’s very thin crust with provolone cheese, but it tasted like cheddar was mixed in with it. It’s no Ledo’s, but it was really good.

St. Louis pizza

Now I need a good night’s sleep for the U2 360 show tomorrow at Busch Stadium. Elvis and Cilla have already been asleep for almost an hour now.

Cilla and Elvis had a rough day

4 Comments on U2 360 tour across America Day 64 – Philly to St. Louis

  1. As a resident of Indiana, I can sympathize with the poor traffic you ran into on your journey. Love the picture of Cilla and Elvis! I am sure seeing being caught in the magic of the tour tonight will help to melt away the trauma of that drive…Enjoy. Wish I was there, but at least I have your blog to ‘let me in the sound!’

  2. Awesome! Bono mentioned you tonight when he introduced Larry! Some people think the band still should be called the Larry Mullen band!!!

  3. OMG…so loving your blog!! I’m a bit late on it, but am enjoying reading it. I was at the Philly show and was the lucky girl on the OTHER SIDE in back of the linc who got to meet Bono and got a kiss. You are right…the crowd on your side got a bit crazy. It was so cool that Brian and Bono started leaving but came back over when he saw our small group of about 6. Myself and my little boy will never forget it! I’m going to go through my pics…you may be in them! 🙂 Have fun in NJ tonight…wish I was there. Did GA in 09 at Giants and am reminiscing a lot today….I will keep up with this Blog for sure! Love it!!!!

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