U2360USA Day 30 – Palm Springs: Harmony Motel & Joshua Tree

Day 30 of my U2 360 tour across America was another perfect day in Palm Springs! I went to Harmony Motel, Joshua Tree National Park, and Las Casuelas. I was supposed to make the pilgrimage to THE Joshua Tree, the one U2 was photographed with for my favorite album The Joshua Tree, but I realized that it was almost five hours north of Palm Springs. I knew it was in the Mohave Desert near Death Valley and was not in Joshua Tree Park, but I thought it was on the way to Joshua Tree National Park.

Since I couldn’t go to the real Joshua Tree where U2 was photographed, I went to the Harmony Motel, only an hour away, where U2 was also photographed. U2 stayed at the Harmony Motel while making The Joshua Tree album. It was a very small, retro motel – a far cry from the five star resort hotels U2 stay at now.

Harmony Motel

Even though I couldn’t see THE Joshua Tree, I could see many Joshua Trees at Joshua Tree National Park. It is the 75th anniversary of the park, which is located within 10 miles from the Harmony Motel.

Joshua Tree national park

After my U2 trip to Harmony Motel and Joshua Tree, I had lunch at Elvis’ favorite Palm Springs restaurant Las Casuelas. My friend Aaron from high school and his two friends, who are in Palm Springs for the weekend, met me there. We had great Mexican food and great conversation. It was a good time. I highly recommend the Enchiladas Rancheros. After lunch, I walked around downtown Palm Springs before returning to my wonderful A Place in the Sun garden hotel.

Elvis’ favorite restaurant

my Palm Springs stuff


Tomorrow I leave the fabulous Palm Springs for Anaheim, where I will spend the next six days including 2 back to back U2 shows at Angels Stadium.

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