U2360USA Day 29 – Palm Springs, a perfect day with Elvis

This was truly a Perfect Day, in the words of Larry. I honestly love Palm Springs and am seriously considering moving here. The weather is perfect – hot, but no humidity so it’s cool in the mornings and nights. It is a very dog friendly town – even resaturants allow them. It’s not crowded, it’s clean and seems safe.

I love Palm Springs!

Day 29 of my U2 360 tour was one of my favorites so far. After a great night’s sleep at my lovely bungalow at A Place in the Sun garden hotel, I left by 9am in search for Elvis – well his homes. My first stop was Elvis’ home on 845 W Chino Canyon, which he bought in 1970 and owned until he died in 1977. Luckily the owner, Reno, was leaving as I pulled up so we chatted for a bit. Unfortunately, not much in the house is original because it was broken into 4 days after Elvis died. Reno has lived there for 7 years.

Elvis’ Palm Springs home 1970-1977

My next stop had nothing to do with Elvis, but when there is a casino I must play. I went to the Spa Resort Casino and quickly lost my money. It is a very small casino, which did not have my favorite slots. I had lunch at the Oasis Buffet, which was ok, but no Paula Deen’s.

Spa Resort Casino

Next was my favorite part of my day. I toured Elvis’ honeymoon hideway. Elvis leased this house at 1350 Ladero Circle for a year, and he and Priscilla spent their honeymoon here on May 1, 1967. I had the most wonderful tour of every inch of this gorgeous 1960s house. It was great to see the living room that I had seen in so many pictures. Maria was the best tour guide and as big an Elvis fan as I am. It was a real pleasure to hear her Elvis in Palm Springs stories that I knew nothing about. She told me about Elvis shopping trips to Rite Aid and what he ate at his favorite restaurant. A visit to this Elvis house if a must for any Elvis fan visiting Palm Springs.

Elvis’ honeymoon hideway

My last stop of the day was the Rite Aid that Maria told me about. I need to get some groceries anyway since I have a full kitchen here and I will next week in Anaheim as well. So I thought why not pick a few things up where Elvis shopped. And tomorrow I am going to have lunch at Elvis’ favorite restaurant in Palm Springs, Las Casuelas. Please click here if you would like to see all of my pictures of Elvis’ home and of Palm Springs http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150218284079168.331187.734599167&l=626a66d4a0 Tomorrow it’s off in search of U2’s The Joshua Tree.

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