U360USA Day 28 – Oakland to Palm Springs, A Place in the Sun

Finally it’s summer!!! For the first time since I left Memphis on May 14th, it is above 75 degrees. In fact, it’s in the 90s here in Palm Springs. I had one day in Denver above 70 and one day in Seattle above 70, otherwise it’s been cold. I am SO glad I am finally feeling summer. It is June 10 after all.

Day 28 of my U2 360 tour across America brought us from Oakland to Palm Springs. We left Oakland around 7:20am, and it was 55 degrees and arrived in Palm Springs just over 8 hours later and it was 95 degrees. We only stopped twice on our journey south on Route 5 up and down the mountains – again. It was a pretty drive though.

on the road to palm springs

I love Palm Springs! I haven’t seen any of it except driving through downtown, but I love the desert! A Place in the Sun garden hotel is my new favorite hotel – in fact I think I want to live here. It is named after one of my favorite movies, A Place in the Sun starring Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift, and Shelley Winters. The production crew stayed here while they were filming.

A Place in the Sun garden hotel

A Place in the Sun movie poster

A Place in the Sun garden hotel is a collection of bungalows situated in a rectangle surrounding the pool with palm trees and mountains in the background. It’s gorgeous! It was built in the 1950s, so it’s very retro, which I obviously love. There is even a walled in patio, so the dogs have a little space to go off leash. Yes, it is pet friendly here! And to make it even better, they upgraded me to a one bedroom bungalow, which is basically like an apartment with a full kitchen, dining room table, 2 couches and tv in the living room, a king bed, closet, and tv in the bedroom. They even have a library of books and movies for me to enjoy.

A Place in the Sun pool

inside my bungalow

my patio


I know I am going to really enjoy my time here at A Place in the Sun garden hotel and in Palm Springs. I wish I was staying longer than the weekend.

3 Comments on U360USA Day 28 – Oakland to Palm Springs, A Place in the Sun

  1. Really enjoying reading your journey following U2. Hope to see you in Baltimore!!!!!

  2. Hi!

    I just found your blog…very cool! I was born and still live in the Palm Springs area, and I also happen to be a second-generation U2 fan-my mom got me hooked when I was very young. Now my daughter is a big fan too. We are all going next weekend to the show in Anaheim on the 18th…only my 5th show, I admit! Its amazing that you’ve seen so many-I will definitely be following your adventures. I did want to ask-how do you know in any given place where to catch the band for autographs pre-show? We would be so stoked this coming weekend just to glimpse a peek, let alone get an autograph. Do you just stake out an entrance? Do you mind letting a fellow fan in on your secrets? 😉

    Thanks for sharing your road trip!

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