U2360USA Day 16 – Reno

While everyone else (well at least a bunch of U2 fans I know) is in Winnipeg for the U2 show tonight, I was losing much money at the slots in Reno. Since I am not doing the Canada shows on the U2 360 tour, I decided to spend  my week between the Salt Lake City and Seattle U2 shows in Reno and Portland.

My mom, my aunt and I started off our day different today. On the recommendation of a Facebook friend (Thanks Skott!), we went to Peg’s Glorified Ham and Eggs for breakfast. Apparently it is the must-eat breakfast spot – definitely a local spot, not a lot of tourists there. It lived up to it’s name for me. Breakfast was fantastic and they had fresh squeezed orange juice. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo. I was kind of thrown by the sleet/snow/rain this morning. I still cannot believe that it is in the 40s on the last days of May!

From breakfast, we went to the Grand Sierra Resort. We noticed this casino on our way to Lake Tahoe yesterday. The Grand Sierra Hotel and Casino is only about a mile from our hotel and about a mile from downtown Reno. I would definitely stay there if I ever get back to Reno – and if they allow dogs. It’s the best casino I’ve seen in Reno. It has so many different slots, including all of my favorites. There are also several bars and restaurants, so there is no real need to ever leave the resort. And besides free drinks, they were giving out free cookies!

Grand Sierra Good Luck cookie

Unfortunately, my ‘Good Luck’ cookie did not bring me any. I lost all of my money. I played a variety of slots including every Hot Shot slot in the casino (about 10), Dirty Dancing, Sex and the City, 7 Double Jackpot, Fireball, Star Wars, Bombs Away, and Power Strike. I won a few bonuses on some, but ended up losing everything. So I just sat while my mom and my aunt, who were winning, continued to play.

We were back at our hotel by 2pm. I did my laundry because my hotels in Portland and Seattle don’t have guest laundry facilities. Now Elvis, Cilla and I are just relaxing in our room before I meet my mom and my aunt for dinner. I’ll see if I can resist playing the slots in our little casino. But maybe I can win my money back?

(Several hours later: After dinner, I did play the slots in our hotel, but luckily only lost $20! Now if I can just stay away from the slots tomorrow or change my luck.)

6 days until U2 360 in Seattle!

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