U2360USA Day 15 – Lake Tahoe

We started out our day just like yesterday, with a yummy filling breakfast in our hotel. But that’s where the similarity ended. This 15th day of my U2 360 tour across America brought me, my mom and my aunt through Carson City and into the snow of Lake Tahoe.

driving to Lake Tahoe

Our first stop was just about 10-15 minutes from our hotel, south of Reno on the way to Carson City and Lake Tahoe. We stopped at the Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory. I think I bought enough candy to last me for the rest of my U2 360 road trip – peanut butter fudge, chocolate covered graham crackers, chocolate caramels and a big hunk of white chocolate.

Chocolate Nugget

We made it to Carson City and just drove through and see what it was like. There was a casino and a couple of cool looking bars and a park, but not a big vacation destination.

We reached Lake Tahoe and the temperature drastically dropped. It was about 50 degrees when we left Reno and it dropped into the 30s by the time we stopped at Lake Tahoe to take pictures.

Lake Tahoe

We drove around the Lake and went into the Horizon Casino. I wanted to stop here because it used to be the Sahara Casino where Elvis performed in the 1970s. There was no longer any evidence of the King though. It was a small casino, but they had Hot Shot, so I played a little and luckily only lost $4.

We decided rather than drive back the way we came, to drive all the way around Lake Tahoe. So we made our way into California along route 89. This road was quite narrow and at many points had no guard rail and just dropped off with no shoulder. My mom was terrified and at one pointed shouted, “Stop the car and let me out!” After, she didn’t even remember saying it she was so scared. To make matters worse, it was snowing – hard. 32 degrees and snowing on Memorial Day Weekend – the official start of summer. I never thought it would be this cold on my summer road trip, or that I would encounter snow – twice!

Lake Tahoe snow

We finally made it around Lake Tahoe and back to Reno. It was in the high 40s and raining, but a big improvement from the snow. We had eaten since breakfast, so we had a really late lunch or early dinner at Carrows down the street from our hotel – I think we ate enough for 2 meals.

I think I’ll skip the casino tonight and stay in the room and relax with Elvis and Cilla. I’ll gamble more tomorrow.

Please watch my short video of our day in Carson City and Lake Tahoe (uploading now)

7 days until U2 360 in Seattle!

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