U2360USA Day 13 – SLC to Reno

We’re in Reno! It’s not Vegas, but it’s still pretty cool. Las Vegas was too far south to be on the way from the U2 show in Salt Lake City to the U2 show in Seattle. We left Salt Lake City just after 8am this morning, stopped 3 times, and arrived in Reno, Nevada just after 4:30pm.

Even though our hotel in Reno is not on the strip, it is still pretty great. No hotels on the Reno strip allowed 2 dogs, so we are about a mile away. We can take the free shuttle to and from the strip. This hotel has a restaurant, a bar, a laundry room, and a little casino with my 3 favorite slots – Hot Shot, Rich Little Piggies and Fireball! And my room is huge – plenty of room for Elvis and Cilla’s crates, a king bed, a couch, closet, coffee table and desk. I really lucked out and made a good choice booking this hotel, especially happy since I’m going to be here for 5 nights.

our Reno hotel

Tomorrow we’re going to spend the day on the Reno strip and Saturday spend the day in Tahoe. Looking forward to being in the same place for 5 nights! And maybe I’ll win at the slots and make enough money to pay for my U2 360 tour across America road trip this summer. (haha)

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