My St Patrick’s Day at Murphy’s in Memphis with EweToo 3.17.11

I already wrote about my St. Patrick’s Day on my other blog because it had to do with U2, but I thought I would post it here as well since it has to do with Memphis too. I had read there was going to be an all-girl U2 cover band, called EweToo, playing at Murphy’s in Memphis for St. Patrick’s Day so of course I had to check them out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything about the band online and the bar’s website was no help either. I called Murphy’s to confirm that a U2 cover band was playing.

So shortly after 3pm, I put on my U2 360 I’ll Go Crazy tee and drove a mile down the road to Murphy’s bar. The bartenders did not know what time EweToo were playing, so I got a Guinness and found a seat on the deck in the shade and waited. I met a lot of great people, long time Memphians who all knew each other for years. Although I did get propositioned by a fortune teller to give her a ride to the pawn shop since she had made enough money that day to claim her item – I declined. But the other folks I met like Susan and Alan and Paul made up for it, and there were also a few dogs celebrating. I may have to bring Elvis and Cilla to Murphy’s next year.

Around 6pm or a little after, and 3 Guinness later, EweToo finally took the stage. They weren’t an all girl band – there was a male guitarist, but I think he was just helping them out. And they weren’t really a U2 cover band. They used to be a band, but the lead singer moved away. They learned U2 songs to play specifically for St. Patrick’s Day. They were ok, but it was great fun to hear U2 live – in any form. They played Two Hearts, Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Year’s Day, Still Haven’t Found, I Will Follow, With or Without You, Pride and Desire. There were maybe 2 other U2 fans in the crowd, but mostly everyone was just singing the chorus and having fun.

Please watch the video of my St. Patrick’s Day, including EweToo’s performance  After listening to the video I took of EweToo, they sounded better when I was screaming the words along with them.

I had a great time at Murphy’s in Memphis for St. Patrick’s Day and will definitely return next year. In fact, I think I’ll check out their music schedule to see who is playing because it is such a great laid back non-college kind of hang out and only a mile from house. I had a great time!

my St Pats swag

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