Edge and Adam Crash AtU2’s 20th Anniversary Party

Edge and Adam play "Streets" and "Out of Control" with U2 tribute band Unforgettable Fire

How many bands attend a fan party and play with the tribute band? Only U2 and that’s why we love them because they love us! We were never more shocked and excited then when Edge and Adam took the stage with Unforgettable Fire and played “Where the Streets Have No Name” and “Out of Control” at The Cutting Room in New York City on July 29, 2015 for AtU2’s 20th Anniversary Party!

I woke up at 6:30am that morning and walked down to MSG to get on the GA list for the 7th U2ieTour show the following day. My old Elevation friends and I were planning a little something (see the next blog post) and wanted to ensure we were on the rail on the e stage. I was number 14 on the list. I immediately went back to my hotel room and got into bed to fight off this cold or sinus infection or whatever had me down. I stayed there until 6pm when I had to go back to MSG to check in for the GA line.

I met Vicky, Abbey, Jennifer and Sylvia (Jenny opted not to go and run the GA line from 7-9pm) and we walked the five blocks to the Cutting Room. After walking around and greeting everyone, and everyone from our U2 family was there, we grabbed a table upstairs overlooking the stage. I got a chance to talk with Sherry, Matt and Chris from AtU2. There was a minimum of $20 per person if you were sitting at a table, so we ordered our meals and couple $6 bottles of water. Romona joined us a little later. We enjoyed our food and the music of Unforgettable Fire when they took the stage at 8pm. I hadn’t seen them since the Elevation tour (when I used to go to a lot of their shows) – they still sound great. I had run into Tony (the Bono) at the second New York show a week prior.

I really wasn’t feeling well and decided I would leave at the break at 9m after Abbey and the Africa Well Fund gave their presentation. It was probably around 8:30-8:45 when all of a sudden Dallas (Edge’s guitar tech) was on the stage with Unforgettable Fire. We were SO excited, cheering and jumping up and down! We thought how cool that Dallas came and is going to play with UF. Then I felt Vicky grab my arm and heard her scream! I then saw the black beenie. It was Edge! Edge was on the stage with his guitar! Vicky still grabbing my arm and screaming! Then I saw the mop of grey hair! It was Adam! Adam was on the stage with his bass! Edge and Adam were going to play with Unforgettable Fire! Edge and Adam care enough about us fans to come to our party to perform for us. (I’m crying now as I’m writing this!) We were jumping up and down and screaming and cheering – and I kept waiting for Larry to walk on stage too (but he did not). We immediately ran downstairs and to the side of the stage. We were on the steps on the side of the stage, pretty much standing on the stage just to the right of Edge (or left if you’re looking from the audience). They launched into “Where the Streets Have No Name” and the crowd went wild. We were in a state of shock and couldn’t believe what was happening right in front of us. We were soon told by the Cutting Room staff that we could not stand on the stage, so we moved to the front of the stage just a few people back in front of Edge. After “Streets,” Edge and Adam posed with pictures with Unforforgettable Fire and the crowd starting chanting “One More Song!” Then they launched into “Out of Control,” which I was VERY happy about! With Edge singing backup right in front of us. After the song, Dallas was thanked for “making this happen” and Adam shook hands with the fans in the front row. AtU2 knew nothing about this, but I’m pretty sure Tony did. We saw Edge and Adam leaving, so we went back up to our table and then saw Edge and Adam upstairs where we were. They had to go up and around to get to the front door, rather than walking through the crowd. Edge walked by me and I thanked him, but he didn’t respond. Then Adam walked by me and I said, “Thank you Adam!” He started to walk toward me and I repeated, “Thank you!” And Adam said, “You’re welcome” and then was ushered down the stairs. Needless to say I didn’t leave at 9pm. I actually stayed until about 10:30, just talking with everyone marveling over what had just happened. I ran into Dahna and Tim and many others. What a night!

To see all my pictures from this magical night, please click here.

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