U2 360 MIAMI 6.29.11

DAYS 45 & 46 – JUNE 27 & 28

Days 45 and 46 of my U2 360 tour across America brought me from East Lansing, Michigan to Miami, Florida – 1,426 miles bringing my miles driven over 10,500 miles and still had 8 more shows to go. I left Michigan Monday morning after the U2 show Sunday night, drove through Dayton and Cincinatti, Ohio, drove through the blinding rain in Kentucky, and stayed the night at a Motel 6 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Tuesday morning I left Chattanooga, got stuck in Atlanta traffic, drove through Macon, Georgia, drove through the blinding rain in Florida as U2′s Summer Raincoincidently came on my Ipod, and finally arrived at the lovely Epic Hotel in Miami at 8:00pm. After 2 long days of driving, it was wonderful to relax in such a fabulous hotel!

scary florida sky

The Resort Manager at the Epic heard about my U2 360 tour across America and graciously upgraded me to a fabulous suite with separate living room, bedroom, huge bathroom, and a wrap around balcony with doors off the living room and bedroom. I could have lived there! Because she knew I had a long drive from Michigan and would be arriving late, the manager had a cheese plate and chilled white wine waiting for me – and this amazing chocolate U2 guitar! There were also framed pictures of my Elvis and Cilla and U2. Please watch my video of my drive from Michigan to Miami and my tour of my fabulous suite at the Epic hotel in Miami.

Epic hotel welcomes Elvis & Cilla

view from the balcony of my fabulous suite at the fantastic epic hotel in miami

my yummy chocolate U2 guitar

Because this suite was so fabulously relaxing, I decided to stay the day after the U2 show and drive to Nashville on Friday (all in one day) for the U2 show on Saturday. I would learn to regret that decision because I didn’t realize it was the Friday of the 4thof July holiday weekend and traffic was horrible, especially through Atanta. But at the time I just wanted to stay in one place for more than a day – and it was such a fabulous hotel.

Cilla and Elvis loved our suite

DAY 47 – JUNE 29 – U2 360 #9 – MIAMI

The U2 360 show in Miami was great! It was the same set list as East Lansing except U2 played North Star for the first time in the US. I had a great Larry moment during I’ll Go Crazy. It was hot in Miami, but not as hot as it was in Baltimore.

U2 360 in Miami

I spent the first half of the day relaxing in my fabulous suite at the wonderful Epic hotel. I left the hotel at 2:00 and was parked at Sun Life Stadium about 10 miles away by 3pm. Luckily I didn’t have to walk too far to find out where everyone was waiting for U2 to arrive. Around 5:30 U2 finally arrived, but again did not stop. I guess since they stopped and greeted the fans the first 4 shows I went to, I just assumed they would stop every time. I guess I shouldn’t have taken it for granted when I spoke with Bono in Seattle and Oakland.

welcome to Sun Life Stadium

U2 360 Miami 6.29.11

Sun Life Stadium

There was still a GA line at when I was ready to go in at 6pm, so I had to wait in line. I got into the inner circle with my Happy Birthday re-entry stamp. I stayed on Edge’s side of the inner circle so I could watch U2 enter under the stage. While waiting, I hung out with Rick, as I do most shows, and Dave and his son Joshua (yes named after The Joshua Tree). I met Patty whom I had been chatting with on Twitter. I would see Patty again in Pittsburgh and then we would chat a lot more after the tour, after I realized she loved Larry too. The inner circle was pretty full by 7pm. Florence and the Machine didn’t start until 7:45. Florence ran into the stadium in her bare feet with her arms spread out as if she was flying down the walkway out of the tunnel and onto the stage.

the claw in Miami

my Happy Birthday inner circle re-entry stamp

U2 didn’t come on until 9:15. During Even Better Than the Real Thing, Bono shouted, “Miami! My Mammy!” just like Popmart. Bono again shouted ‘Achtung Y’all!’ during The Fly and introduced it circa 1991. It has taken me 20 years, but The Fly has become one of my favorite songs. During the band introductions, Bono talked about the many stadiums of Miami: Joe Robbie, Pro Player, Sun Life. He said they had played them all. I’m not if he realized they were all the same stadiums – just different names over the years. Bono went on to say that U2 had played some of their best shows in Miami and had opened ZooTv there, but he didn’t mention opening and closing the Elevation tour in Miami. Bono talked about how Irish people can’t dance. He said, “Larry Mullen he doesn’t even try to dance.” U2 debuted North Star in the US, in the place where Stay or Stuck in a Moment is usually played. After, Bono said maybe they should have rehearsed it a little. I thought it sounded fine. Please watch my video of the first US performance of North Star.


Larry and Sammy I’ll Go Crazy

During I’ll Go Crazy Larry looked at me, smiled and mouthed something to me. I’m not sure what it was, maybe ‘Hi’ or ‘Thanks’, but we locked eyes for a few moments. At the end of I’ll Go Crazy, Bono again said, “Miami. My Mammy.” U2 exited on Adam’s side, even though they had entered on Edge’s side, but Larry did look in my direction as he came down the stairs from the stage. The Miami audience as a whole was enthusiastic and loud, but the folks around me in the inner circle didn’t seem too excited. It took me over 2 hours to get out of the parking lot at Sun Life Stadium, so I didn’t get back to the hotel until almost 2am. Luckily I was staying put the next day, rather than starting my trip to Nashville.

yay Edge

i think Larry is looking at me

The set list for the U2 360 show in Miami was as follows: Even Better Than The Real Thing, The Fly, Mysterious Ways, Until the End of the World, I Will Follow, Get On Your Boots, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For / The Promised Land, North Star, Beautiful Day / Space Oddity, Elevation, Pride, Miss Sarajevo, Zooropa, City of Blinding Lights, Vertigo, I’ll Go Crazy), Sunday Bloody Sunday, Scarlet, Walk On, One, Will You Love Me Tomorrow / Where the Streets Have No Name, Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me, With or Without You, Moment of Surrender.

my usual view of 360

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