MTV Video Music Awards – September 6, 2001

Friday September 7, 2001 VMAs New York City

Arguably the best night of my life last night. Tasha and I were in New York City at the Metropolitan Opera House right at the rope on the red carpet for the MTV Video Music Awards. We were diagonally behind the MTV News desk. We had signed up to be seat fillers for the VMAs, but we did not get into the award show, instead we were on the red carpet for the arrivals. Jennifer Lopez arrived first, but the first person I was excited for was Chris Kattan from Saturday Night Live. We kept shouting ‘Mango’ and he waved. Then we saw Will Ferrell from Saturday Night Live. We cheered at him and said we liked his pants – he interacted with us. We then saw Fatboy Slim and nobody else knew who he was. We wished him luck and he waved and thanked us. We then got VERY excited for Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora. They smiled and waved at us.

It got to be 8:45pm and still no sign of U2, and we were getting a little worried. Then all of a sudden, I saw Larry down at the other end of the red carpet. I began SCREAMING! Then I saw Adam, and then Bono and Edge. Larry was the first to make it to us. I lost it! Blowing kisses, holding my heart, screaming, pretty much making a fool of myself. He smiled and waved at me. Edge then came over and smiled and waved. Then we saw Paul McGuinness on our side of the rope. We thanked him. He looked at us strangely, then he smiled. Tasha shook his hand, and I patted him on his back. Then all of a sudden, I see Adam on our side of the rope as well. He tripped on the red carpet. We shouted his name, so he turned around. I was holding his hand. He was kind of bent over as if he was limbo-ing. He had this goofy look on his face. He was acting like he was going to fall. Then Bono came over the rope to shake our hands. We will probably never again meet all four of them at once. It was absolutely amazing! We then watched as John Norris interviewed U2.

After the pre-show was over, we went to this bar called O’Connor’s (or something like that) on 64th Street and Columbus. We watched the VMAs there, ate chicken pot pie and drank iced tea. Then we took the train back to Jersey, then I drove home and was asleep by 5am


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