Achtung Y’all!


Achtung Baby was released in 1991. I had to listen to it a few times before I fell in love with it, which I did. It had a completely different sound from any of U2’s previous albums, but the lyrics were amazing. And for me, music is all about lyrics and drums. Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses is still one of my favorite songs. In fact, I read its lyrics to my first love when we broke up. Yes, I made the poor guy sit down and listen while I read him the lyrics. Other favorites of mine off Achtung Baby are One, So Cruel, Acrobat, and Tryin to Throw Your Arms Around the World.


In support of Achtung Baby, U2 announced they would be touring America in the Spring of 1992. I was a sophomore in college, so I could now go to concerts! I had a subscription to Propaganda, U2’s fan magazine, which gave me an opportunity to buy tickets to one or two concerts before they went on sale. But me being me, I wasn’t satisfied to go to just one or two shows. No, I had to go to as many as I
could, and for the ZooTv tour I went to eight shows. The months between the release of Achtung Baby and the U2 concerts were spent
constantly watching and listening to U2. My U2 buddy Mike and I would spend hours and hours just watching U2 footage over and over
that we had taped on VHS – MTV specials, interviews, videos, etc. It was during this time that I went from a U2 fan to, dare I say, U2 fanatic. 1992 was going to be a great year!

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