the day that wasn’t

Today was a blur. I sat at my desk at my laptop at 9am and didn’t get up until 5pm. For 8 hours straight, I was organizing my roadtrip for the u2 tour this summer. Then I came back to tweak my plan for another 2 hours. I had already planned a roadtrip to include 9 shows, but I thought why not add the remaining 7 shows and go to every show on the north american leg of the u2 360 tour and videorecord my travels and make a documentary. So for 8 hours I booked hotels, figured out mileage and stops between towns and sent out messages to my u2 friends for tickets and places to stay. Luckily Motel 6 is cheap and does not charge extra for dogs. Yes my faithful traveling companions elvis and cilla are coming with me. Poor babies aren’t going to know what hit them. Besides u2 shows, I am going to visit sites and baseball stadiums.

I’ve planned out everything – i think. I just need general admission tickets for the u2 shows in oakland, seattle, east lansing, toronto and miami. Luckily friends had extras to edmonton and minneapolis and i already have tickets salt lake city, anaheim, denver, chicago, philadelphia, montreal and new jersey. So if you are reading this and would like to offer your house to me and my dogs or know of any extra tickets, please contact me at or leave a comment here.

I will be gone for 2 months traveling from Memphis out route 66 through Oklahoma City to Amarillo to Albuquerque and Santa Fe to Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon to Salt Lake City for the U2 tour opener, then to Anaheim for 2 u2 shows and visiting cousins, then over to Denver for the u2 show and a rockies baseball game, then up to Mount Rushmore, then over to Oakland for the U2 show and San Francisco sites, then up to Portland to visit a friend, then to Seattle for the u2 show and mariners baseball game, then up to Vancouver to site see, then to Edmonton for the u2 show, then over to Saskatchewan because it’s on the way to Minneapolis for the u2 show and mall of america and St Paul, then to Milwaukee for a Brewers baseball game and Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley sites, then to East Lansing for the u2 show, then to Detroit to see the sites on the way to Toronto for the u2 show, then over to Chicago for the 4th of July and a white sox game and the u2 show, then to Rome, Georgia on the way to Miami for the u2 show, stopping in Savannah to visit Paula Deen, then up to Maryland to see my parents, then to Philadelphia for the u2 show, then back down to Maryland to visit with my parents some more before heading up to Montreal for 2 u2 shows and then to New Jersey for the last u2 show of the North American leg of the 360 tour then back to Maryland to spend some more time with my parents before heading back to Memphis. WOW!!! I hope we survive!

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