See you June 3rd in Chicago for my start to the U2 Joshua Tree 2017 Tour

If you don’t see me online until June 3rd, don’t be alarmed. With rehearsals about to begin and the tour starting in May, I am going to be hiding from anything U2. This Joshua Tree tour means the world to me, so I am going to try my best to be surprised in Chicago June 3rd for my first Joshua Tree show. (So please don’t message me any updates.)

I don’t want to know what U2 is rehearsing or what the set list is (obviously The Joshua Tree album will be played, but I don’t know in what order or what other songs will be played). I don’t want to know how the band enters or what the stage is like or what Larry does when. But most importantly I do not want to know if U2 plays my second favorite song “Luminous Times,” or any other rare b side but mostly “Luminous Times” as it means the world to me.

My hope would be in addition to U2 playing the entire Joshua Tree album (as they stated they will), they also play all the The Joshua Tree b sides – therefore only playing songs from The Joshua Tree. I highly doubt that is going to happen. So my second hope would be for U2 to only play songs from The Joshua Tree and Rattle and Hum, including b sides from both. I don’t think that is going to happen either. My third hope would be for U2 to only play songs from The Joshua Tree and earlier, so nothing past The Joshua Tree. I doubt that will happen either, but is the most plausible of my Joshua Tree hopes.

Whatever U2 plays, I will ecstatic because my only regret in life is missing The Joshua Tree tour and now this is my second chance I thought would never happen. Although I was a U2 fan when The Joshua Tree was released, my mom would not let me attend the concert because I was just 14 years old. Over the past 30 years of being a U2 fan, I never thought I would hear “Red Hill Mining Town” played live. I was obsessed with this song in 1987 and it is still one of my all time favorites today. So whatever U2 plays this summer, I will be elated and blessed just to have this second chance to hear the songs from my favorite album performed live. Bring on the tissues!

I may share some old posts on a Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday, but you won’t get any Joshua Tree tour updates from me until June 3rd (so please don’t share any with me either). I will also be staying off my On the Road with U2 twitter and facebook page. If you are at the shows in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Miami, Louisville, Philadelphia, DC, Jersey or Cleveland, please say stop to say Hi to me (I might have some On the Road with U2 swag for you!). I would love to talk with you. I’ll be the one in The Larry Mullen Band shirt and hat with The Joshua Tree purse and “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” necklace. Obsessed much? No, I’m just passionate. See you in two months!

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