October 30, 2001 – Elevation Providence1

This Day in U2 History

The morning after the U2 Elevation show in New Jersey on October 28, I drove up to Providence, Rhode Island for two U2 shows on October 30 and 31 – the second being Larry’s 40th Birthday show and my most anticipated show of the tour. Around 3:30pm on October 29, the day before the first show, I got in the GA line at Dunkin Donuts Center. I was number 12 in line. Around 9pm, I went up to my hotel room to eat. I went back to the GA line until 11:30 when I went back up to my hotel room with Gabriella, Alice, Khelia and Ruth to watch U2 on David Letterman. U2 played “New York” and “Stuck in a Moment,” then Bono was interviewed – just Bono. I slept in my room until about 5:30am and then got back in the GA line. Paola flew in around noon. We went to the mall for lunch and then waited for U2 to arrive, but they didn’t arrived until after we had went inside.

26-elevation-providence1-setlist 10.30.01

Because of a slow wristband-er, I didn’t quite get the spot at the rail that I wanted. I ended up a bit too far to the right, but I was right in front of Adam. Paola was excited because it was her first time inside the heart up front at the rail. Stereophonics opened. During “Out of Control” when Bono introduced Larry, I of course went nuts screaming and jumping up and down. The security guard John motioned to me, then said something to one of the other guards. A bit later, John came over to read my shirt – ‘The Larry Mullen Band. It’s All About Drums.’ He smiled and gave me the set list. The only difference to this set list from earlier shows was “When Will I see You Again” was played before “Walk On.” Immediately after the show, we got right back in the GA line for the next night because it was Larry’s 40th Birthday show. I was number 7 in line. Tasha had driven up and met us after the show. We got some food, then Tasha slept in the hotel while Paola and I slept outside in the GA line.

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