Qwest Field Seattle 360 – my U2 Concerts A to Z

163b1The U2 360 show in Seattle at Qwest Field on June 4, 2011 was better than the previous two shows I had been to in Denver and Salt Lake City. Even though it was the same set list, the audience was much more into it, the band was having a blast and actually seemed a little more into as well, Lenny Kravitz was a better opening act than The Fray, and oh yeah I talked with Bono before the show about Larry and Larry shook my hand as he was leaving the show. This show ended up being one of my favorite of the tour. This show at Qwest Field is an obvious choice for my favorite ‘Q’ U2 concert.

To conserve energy on that rare sunny day in Seattle on June 4th, Jenny and I took a cab to Qwest Field – even though it was just under a mile away. We got to the stadium at 3:00, got in the GA line just long enough to get our wristbands and then walked around to wait for U2 to arrive. We met some new folks and talked with old friends. I met Chuck and Michelle whom I’ve stayed friends with. Chuck and I would go on to see many other shows together. They told us Larry had just went it, so I was a little disappointed – but they were wrong. After a short time, we saw the flashing lights of the police escort and black SUVs. Edge, Bono, Adam AND LARRY drove into Qwest Field right in front of us. We looked down the long driveway and saw Bono get out 163d-chuck-bono-and-meand head back toward us. He hopped on the back of the policeman’s motorcycle and in seconds was talking with us. Jenny and I were in our ‘Larry Mullen Band’ shirts as usual. I shouted, “Is Larry ever coming out to greet the fans?” Bono responded, “He only likes you. I love you.” Then Bono went on to say, “You like that kind of cold stare” (referring to Larry). Before Bono was about to leave, he asked the small crowd of about 30 people, “Where are the Larry Mullen people?” I shouted, ‘Right here!” and pushed my way toward Bono. He read my shirt as if to make sure I was the ‘Larry Mullen Band’ girl he had been talking to earlier. Then Bono asked, “Do you have a message I can deliver?” I was confused and frantic. I thought he was going to tell me a message from Larry, but I quickly realized what he had said and I replied, “Yes, tell Larry to come out in Oakland since he didn’t come out here.” He said, “OK.” I then went on to tell him that I would be at all the U.S. shows, but I don’t think he heard me. Bono then asked my name and repeated it back to me, “Deena.” When he got in his golf cart to go back, I saw him write something down. I was hoping it was my message to Larry. I had no idea what this conversation would eventually lead to almost two months later in Pittsburgh.

163g-lenny-kravitzWe got in the GA line and had about an hour wait in the hot Seattle sun before we were let into Qwest Field. While waiting we got to hear the sound check. I was quite excited to hear “The Fly,” but disappointed it wasn’t included in the set list later. Once inside, we got a nice spot in the inner circle on Adam’s side – a great view for Lenny Kravitz. Lenny was a great opening act, a lot better than The Fray. He didn’t take the stage until 7:30 and only played 45 minutes, but played the four songs I know – “It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over,” “American Woman,” “Fly Away,” and “Are You Gonna Go My Way.” Lenny had these great female backup singers that reminded me of Elvis’ Sweet Inspirations. Lenny also did karate moves that reminded me of Elvis. Could Lenny be a fan of The King?

164-the-edgeAfter Lenny Kravitz’ performance, we went over to Edge’s side and stood behind the stage to wait for U2 to enter. It was odd getting our neck’s stamped (instead of our hands) for re-entry to the inner circle, but this was to be the practice for most of the tour. Security kicked us off the rail where we were waiting for U2 to enter, claiming the fire marshall wanted that space cleared. So instead of having us lined up along the rail like we were, they had us lined up horizontally sort of blocking the way to the inner circle. Not sure how that wasn’t a fire hazard. This was also to happen for most of the tour. But as soon as U2 came out of that tunnel, security couldn’t hold us back and we were again on the rail. Larry came by and smiled at me, and I think he may have waved – of course I was screaming his name and wearing my ‘Larry Mullen Band’ shirt. We decided to stay on Edge’s side for the show, and it was a good decision. We had a great view of the show. It was side view, but we could see everything.

164eDuring “Even Better Than the Real Thing,”  Bono shouted, “The Emerald City shining in the sun.” During “Get on Your Boots” right before my favorite “LET ME IN THE SOUND”, Bono said, “Larry Mullen!” Apparently he did this at most shows, but I never heard him because I was too busy screaming. I would get SO excited for “Get on Your Boots!” Before “Magnificent,” Bono said, “Here comes the Boss – the Arch” (referring to Arch Bishop Desmin Tutu and his part in the “Magnificent remix.” Before “Until the End of the World,” Bono sang, “It’s the end of the world as we know it. Edge feels fine.” Some folks from REM were at the show. During the band introductions, Bono talked about how June 4th was a date we are all going to remember. He again mentioned the rare sunny day in Seattle. He said the band was going to start again and we should pretend we didn’t know them. Bono said, “You think of him as a tough guy, but he’s a very thoughtful man. On the drums, Larry Mullen Jr!” For the first time, video of Commander Kelly at the Space Station is shown before “Beautiful Day.” He is holding words from the song and then says, “Tell my wife I love her.” Video of Kelly is shown later in the song as he recites the lyrics. Commander Kelly is married to Gabby Gifford who was shot months earlier. This video was played before “Beautiful Day” for the rest of the tour. The audience would get really excited each time he would say their city’s name. I don’t think they realized it was recorded and he wasnt actually talking to us from space.

165a-my-fave-pic-from-the-tourAt the end of “Vertigo,” we went behind the stage to wait for Larry and his conga to start his walk for “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight.” He again smiled at me as I screamed his name and jumped up and down – actually I think he was laughing at me, but I’ll take it. For “Moment of Surrender,” we moved behind the stage to wait for U2 to leave. Instead of standing by the stairs at the stage where we could have gotten a good picture, we waited back toward where the tunnel is. As Larry was walking out, Jenny shouted, “Larry!” He smiled and made a b line for us. He shook Jenny’s hand and then mine – still smiling. I thanked him. Excited as I was, I thought to myself that this does not excuse Larry from coming out to meet me in Oakland, assuming Bono gives him my message. As we were walking through the crowded parking lot, we passed by Eddie Vedder and his bodyguard looking for their car. I of course ran after them to try to get a picture, but was unsuccessful. I did manage to snap one just before Eddie was getting into the car, but it was blurry and of the back of him.

The set list for the June 4th 360 show in Seattle was as follows: Even Better Than The Real Thing, I Will Follow, Get On Your Boots, Magnificent, Mysterious Ways, Elevation, It’s the End of the World as We Know It / Until the End of the World / Where Have All the Flowers Gone, All I Want Is You, Stay, Beautiful Day / Space Oddity, Pride, Miss Sarajevo, Zooropa, City of Blinding Lights, Vertigo, I’ll Go Crazy / Discotheque /Life During Wartime / Psycho Killer, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Scarlet, Walk On /You’ll Never Walk Alone, One / Will You Love Me Tomorrow, Where the Streets Have No Name / All You Need is Love, Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me, With or Without You, Moment of Surrender.

This is part of my Blogging from A to Z Challenge about ‘My U2 Concerts A to Z.’ Thanks for stopping by. Please come back tomorrow as I write about my favorite ‘R’ U2 show.

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