“Ordinary Love” vs “Invisible”

A week ago, I wrote I enjoyed “Ordinary Love” more than “Invisible.” But since the release of the video last night, “Invisible” has the edge – no pun intended. Even though I do not enjoy Larry’s buttoned-up collar, I love the video and seeing the intensity in Bono’s voice – especially when he is singing, “All those frozen days. And your frozen ways. They melt away your face like snow.” My opinion may change yet again after seeing U2 perform “Invisible” on Jimmy Fallon next week February 17 then perform “Ordinary Love” on the Oscars March 2. (Update: After U2 performed both songs on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, I prefer “Ordinary Love” to “Invisible.”)

The past few months U2 have released two new songs, after over four years of no new music. The first song was “Ordinary Love,” which was for the movie Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. This song was about Nelson Mandela and won the Golden Globe and is nominated for an Academy Award. It was released on vinyl on Record Store Day, which was also Black Friday. The second song was “Invisible.” This song was released on Super Bowl Sunday to raise money to fight AIDS in Africa. The first 24 hours it was free to download. It seems that this song will also be a part of U2’s new album, which is due out sometime this Spring.

When I first heard “Ordinary Love,” it did not touch my soul. I wasn’t expecting much because it was a soundtrack song, not worthy of being on a U2 album. At least that is what I though. But after repeatedly listening to it, I really began to like it. I especially like the lyrics, “Your heart is on my sleeve. Did you put it there with a magic marker? For years I would believe that the world couldn’t wash it away.” Others commented that it was corny or cliche, but I really love those lines.

When “Invisible” came out, I was really excited because this was truly the new U2 single – from their new record. I downloaded it Super Bowl morning. At first listen, I liked it but liked “Ordinary Love” better. Then I went to the Super Bowl, like I was actually there. My Denver Broncos lost, and lost is a nice word for what they did. I drove home immediately after the Super Bowl and listened to “Invisible” on repeat for my three-hour drive home. So unfortunately, “Invisible” will always remind of that terrible Broncos loss in Super Bowl XLVIII.

I love both tunes, but I prefer Invisible. It’s fresh and raw. I feel an Achtung Baby type of reinvention happening.

I prefer the remix of Ordinary Love to Invisible but I prefer Invisible to the original version of Ordinary Love.

Immediately connected with Invisible. It’s a more personal song for U2/Bono, which interests me more than OL. Lemme think on it…Guess it’s also abt association. OL is Mandela. Invisible is their new direction/identity as a band. The latest iteration.

cant decide yet i like them both only thing i dont like is the drums on Invisible but thats just me being picky

It’s hard for me to listen to Ordinary Love, especially, and doubt U2’s relevance. It’s unmistakable to a good ear 🙂 (better than Invisible)

I do like Invisible better, something about Bono’s voice in the higher register and Edge’s guitar. Love the lyrics too!I’ve listened to Invisible about 10 times now and hear something new in it every time. #U2 #they‘re back!

I do like Invisible better than Ordinary Love, that songs still pretty good though lol. love the new U2 single, makes me regret neglecting them somewhat the past year..

“Invisible” has once again solidified @U2 as my favorite band. Great song, and an even better cause!

I love this new U2 single with a burning passion


i like ordinary love more than invisible tho, if i’m really being honest right now.

Invisible. I’m all for the risk taking going on with this. It’s sounds like #U2, yet there is something quite new here. I do like OL, especially the remix. BUT, it still sounds like safe soundtrack song.

Invisible just edges it The Kraftwerk style opening thru to the closing verse going to be a awesome tour opener

That’s a tough one! I like “Invisible” a bit better because it is upbeat,but the message of “Ordinary Love” is deeper

I really love ‘invisible’. I think it’s truly brilliant and it’s great to have my band back. Just a little disturbed at the drum sound. even when Larry comes in on the chorus. It’s a very mechanical sound. Not a U2 drum sound. That’s disturbing. #U2invisible

probably ordinary love then, idk they’re both perfect but it love the little guitar solo in ordinary love. invisible mainly because of the “work” that it’s done. Saving a ton of lives with one song

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  1. I’ve compared Ordinary Love to a “JT” sound, where as Invisible is more of an “Achtung” sound. So for me, being a Zoo girl at heart, Invisible wins everytime. And after last night’s video? No doubt in my mind. I love them both, but Invisible is the clear winner. Well done, boys. Well done. ❤

  2. Tracey Pullum // February 12, 2014 at 12:13 pm // Reply


  3. Both remind me a lot of All That You Can’t Leave Behind…which isn’t a bad thing, but it does sound an awful lot like U2. As much as I love Edge’s chiming guitar sounds, listening to ZooTV or Popmart bootlegs reminds me just how powerful him and the band can be when they break out of their mold.

    I’m hoping the new album has plenty of AB and Pop elements as well, maybe even some NLOTH influences.

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