U2360 across America Day 49 – Miami to Nashville

after the sunset

After the U2 show in Miami Wednesday night, I spent Thursday relaxing in my fabulous suite in the fantastic Epic hotel. I left Miami at 6am est Friday morning and should arrived in Nashville around 7pm cst. But because of horrible traffic around Atlanta, I didn’t make it to Nashville until 9pm. I was in the car 16 hours driving over 925 miles. I was exhausted. Elvis and Cilla were exhausted. By the time I got checked in, unpacked and walked the dogs, it was after 10. I was in no shape to see UZoo at Dan McGuinness, which really disappointed me because I wanted to meet some fellow Tennessee U2 fans.

Still tired, I’m going to spend today in bed in my hotel until it’s time to walk over to Vanderbilt for the U2 show tonight. I’ve been really looking forward to this show not only because it’s sort of my hometown show (3 hours from Memphis), but because U2 hasn’t played Nashville in about 30 years. Should be a great one!

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