#U2ieTour Opening Night Vancouver 5.14.15

Opening Night of U2ieTour was fantastic! Vancouver is fantastic! I’m having a blast. Ok now on to the show!

I did not wait in the GA line at all. I arrived at 6pm right before the doors were supposed to open. I stood at the rail at the e stage right next to where Larry was going to be. See there is no need to wait in line all day unless you want the experience. Here is how the show went:

U2 came on at 8:15


Out of control 


I Will follow 


Cedarwood Road (Bono in screen)

Song for Someone (Bono e stage)

Sunday Bloody Sunday  (all on catwalk)

Raised by wolves (Bono and edge catwalk)

Until the end of world

Intermission punk bands screens 

Invisible (in between screens) 

E stage set:

Even Better Than the Real thing 

Mysterious ways


Sweetest thing (Bono played piano and fan on stage filming)

Every Breaking wave (just Bono n edge)

back to Main stage

Bullet/Hands that built America 


Troubles (Bono on e stage) 

With or without you

Main set ends 10:05

Not same but one Steven Hawkins talk


City of blinding lights 

Beautiful day 

Paul Simon song 

Streets (with California snippet)

I Still haven’t found what I’m looking for 

Bono thanked Larry for his strength and then thanked Larry Mullen sr

Ended 10:30

Larry smiled and waved to me as he was leaving so I missed Edge falling off the stage, but he walked by us smiling after. I knew someone was going to fall the stage, but I thought it would be Bono. 

I saw Edge’s wife, Adam’ wife, Guy OSeary, Gavin Friday, Willie Williams and I said Hi to Stu. 

I have lots of videos and pics I’m posting and will do a full blog and review when I get back to the states, but wanted to get this out tonight.   

2 Comments on #U2ieTour Opening Night Vancouver 5.14.15

  1. Lisa dereski // May 15, 2015 at 8:52 am // Reply

    Deena you Rock girl! Thanks for posting!😄

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