December 2011

U2 360 MINNEAPOLIS 7.23.11

DAYS 69&70 – JULY 21&22 With just under a week remaining in my U2 360 tour across America, I was exhausted as I drove from New Jersey to Minneapolis – again driving back through Pennsylvania and Ohio where I had just drive a few days before. I left the morning after the U2 show in [continue reading]

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U2 360 NEW JERSEY 7.20.11

DAYS 66&67 – JULY 18&19 After the horrible days I had driving from Miami to Nashville in one day and Philadelphia to St. Louis in one, I decided to break up the drive from St. Louis to New Jersey into 2 days. I left St. Louis around noon the day after the fantastic U2 show in St. [continue reading]

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World AIDS Day 12.1.11

Today is World AIDS Day. It has been 30 years since we first heard about AIDS. And now finally and thankfully is the beginning of the end of AIDS, according to Bono’s ONE and (RED) campaigns. The goal is to end AIDS by 2015 and there is an electronic quilt to help spread the word. my [continue reading]

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